A downloadable game

An action RPG demo developed in Unity.

The demo aims to showcase:

  • Semi arcade fight mechanics, where the players have to dodge attacks or defend and attack carefully in time
  • Player & enemy abilities (melee attack & projectiles)
  • A player stat system in which the stats of the player that are being used more often develop more (i.e using the shield improves defense while landing successful attacks improves attack damage, etc)
  • Basic enemy AI (run towards the player if within range or if attacked (via projectile)
  • Increasing difficulty


Cute Souls Demo.zip 26 MB


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Good looking, I like this low poly style! Movement is dynamic and I think enemies should be less healthy.  Also would be cool to add music and sounds:)

Thanks! I agree with both of your points, I think the game is a bit on the hard side at the moment. Might add sounds and music in future! Thanks for checking out :)